Accountants vs Bookkeepers

March 13, 2022

Why you should let your Accountant do your books

There are many reasons why your business should get your accountant to do your bookkeeping - your accountant holds the expertise, qualifications and the knowledge to accurately balance your books and give you any advice you'd need.

Contact: A lot of businesses feel they can only check in with their accountant at tax time – this isn’t true. Using us to do just your compliance work is a massive waste of expertise and only allows us to look back at old figures rather than looking at current numbers and data.

By using us as your bookkeeper we get to know the ins and outs of your business as well as you do. Regular weekly/monthly contact allows us to provide expert advice, helping you to maximise your profit and minimise your tax.

We focus on the little things: While bookkeepers say they focus on your numbers right down to the finer details, it’s the accountant and tax specialists who have the training to ensure these numbers are correct. We are able to look at the small numbers whilst also taking into account the bigger picture. Our job is to look at this bigger picture and understand your tax liability and where and how you can make changes to minimize that liability.

A different perspective: Using us as your bookkeeper means you have a fresh set of eyes looking at your business. When you are involved in the day to day pressures of your business it is easy to miss the smaller mistakes. We use a different perspective when reviewing your numbers on a weekly/monthly basis, allowing us to advise on allocating your resources and improving your overall business performance.

We’re worth the money: Bottom line, accountants can give you much more specialised advice about profit, where to make money, how you’re losing money, and how to fix the problems your business may be having. We have the knowledge, technology and experience to give you accurate and timely numbers as regularly as you need.