Focus and Planning

March 13, 2022

There are many misconceptions that come with being a business owner; you’re in charge of yourself, your time schedule and you can do what you want whenever you want,whilst always having complete control over everything going on. However, that isn’t true. Without a doubt, it may give you the flexibility to work at times that suit your schedule. However, where a normal job the work day ends at 5 or 6, with being a business owner the work never stops.


There’s always ways to improve and keep improving, always new ideas to develop and new thoughts to have. Most times, with a business made and grown by you, it can be hard to hand over the reins of any aspect of it to someone else. 


However– in order to take control of your business you must resign yourself to the fact that you cannot do it all. You have to learn to delegate and to operate in a new way.


Take control through Focus and Planning

  • The first few years of running a business tend to focus solely on making enough money to keep     everything tipping over to the next year.
  • Many new business owners can lack a plan of action and therefore take any and all opportunities presented to them if it looks like it will make some sort of profit.
  • But, in order to keep a business going, you have to take control and stop always looking for the next thing.
  • Creating focus within the business by setting goals you want to achieve and where you want your business to go gives you much wider control.
  • Your goals should be concise and realistic and reviewed regularly, and everyone in the business should be on board with them. 
  • Once you and your team have established a plan, executing it becomes ten times easier.