March 13, 2022

Payroll is complicated, time consuming, technical and requires 100% accuracy. Even if your employees are salaried there is a lot of data that needs to be checked and accounted for. In keeping with the technological advances in accounting services, we have invested in the most up to date payroll software available - this means we can now offer Brightpay, a totally electronic payroll service for our clients that deals with any and all payroll needs.

Brightpay is a payroll service that makes managing payroll quick and easy. It provides a seamless import utility to bring across your company and employee details from a number of payroll packages - quick, easy and time saving.

Here are some reasons your business will thrive with Brightpay and the use of e-slips;

1. Payslip Information with the Touch of Button

The benefits of payslips online means that your employees can access any salary information they need at any time. Not only does it add a huge level of convince for your employees, but it also saves your payroll department a large amount of time as they don’t have to process high levels of payment enquiries.

2. Digital Documents Are More Secure

Only employees with the right login details can access their payment information. There’s no worries regarding someone else viewing your information, which can be easily done with a physical payslip

3.Changing Times

With the recent COVID 19 pandemic, e-slips have become more prominent than ever. They eliminate the transfer of physical papers which is much safer due to the possibility of catching COVID off of surfaces. With the amount of hands a physical payslip can pass through to get to one employee, it is much safer to make the switch to e-slips.