What are Freelance Platforms?

March 13, 2022

Freelance work has grown hugely over the past decade and is expected to further increase in the coming years. Previously considered as a side gig or an extra job. Freelance work has now become a viable employment option.

A major reason that freelance work become a viable employment option is the growth and sophistication of Freelance Platforms.

Businesses all over the world use freelance platforms to hire temporary workers for job roles and projects that do not require permanent employment. Freelance platforms allow freelancers to create a profile, display their work portfolio, and chat with employers. Businesses can search a directory of freelancers based on experience, skills and related criteria. Thus, businesses can outsource labour and time-intensive work, and focus on their core activities

In short, Freelance platforms are a hiring platform, a talent marketplace and a communication and collaboration workspace.

Freelance platforms are important for both workers as well as employers. A recent report indicates that 80% of businesses are planning to increase their use of freelancers.

Likewise, freelance work as a career option is becoming more popular as more people find it profitable and convenient.

Why Use Freelance Platforms?

What are the advantages of freelance platforms for freelancers and hiring businesses?

Here are some of the major benefits to businesses:

  1. Access talent anywhere. 
  2. Cut costs. 
  3. Hire talent on demand. 
  4. Focus on your core activities.


And Freelancers:

  1. Work-life balance. 
  2. Control.
  3. Varied projects.
  4. Specialised work.
  5. Ready marketplace.